services and Support

ATP2 LLC Offers a broad array of services to our clients with the opportunity to find creative and cost-effective solutions without the need to have multiple service providers. Our services target the core needs of businesses and government organizations.

Administrative and Clerical Support

ATP2 can staff any facility to support and or supplement an organization's office-setting operations to provide a diverse set of Administrative, Clerical, Financial and Accounting functions.

Project Management Support

Primarily engaged in administering, overseeing, and managing programs; providing a full range of day-to-day office administrative support; human resource; physical distribution, and logistics; or other management consulting services.

Mailroom Operations Support

ATP2 can provide the operating staff with diverse skill sets to carry-out support activities within a client's facilities in both classified and unclassified mail processing, scanning, sorting, routing, pick-up and delivery in accordance with customer's need.

IT Professional Support

ATP2 provides a wide range of Information Technology professionals from IT Service Delivery Representatives to Communications Network Engineer as well as System Administrators, Architects and Cyber Security in a security clearance environment supporting over 800,000 sailors, Marines and civilians in the United States, Hawaii and Japan.

Role-Play & Simulation Tng Support

Civilians-on-the-Battlefield (COB)

We can provide Role-Players who are skilled at simulation of a specific culture or regional human element. They are often used in a wide variety of situational scenarios a soldier may encounter on the actual battlefield. These individuals interact with the soldiers and give the training a 'real world' effect.

Medical Claims Processing Services

ATP2 provides hundreds of highly qualified medical claims processing staff that meet or exceed the finished claims quality matrix and quantity. Our customer's satisfaction is built on continuous recruiting efforts to meet increased claims demand, training and measured performance, and employee satisfaction in work environment, management, rewards, and benefits.