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ATP2, LLC offers a broad array of Administrative Services to our clients, along with the opportunity to find creative and cost-effective solutions without the need to have multiple service providers.

Our services target the core needs of business and government alike, and include the ability to fully staff or supplement an organization’s operational infrastructure (i.e., office/warehouse facility functions) as well as field operational needs.

This broad offering of administrative services includes a dedicated group of professionals with extensive experience in: Administrative/Clerical & Financial/Accounting functions; Translation & Cultural Awareness support; as well as Logistics Support services.


ATP2 is a key contributor in providing the federal government with office administrative services, and is providing administrative support for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Financial Service Center (FSC) in Austin and Waco, Texas.

ATP2 personnel provide a diverse set of administrative and clerical functions in support of the FSC’s operations through facility support and supplementing of the FSC’s various account and medical claims processing departments.


Government and military service in the 21st Century requires language competencies far beyond just English; whereas in the past, knowing just a few words in Spanish was enough to just get by, it is hardly sufficient in today’s scope of operations.

ATP2 offers translation and interpretation services as well as instruction in 37 major languages, and we are constantly expanding our available roster of Certified Language Professionals (CLP). We offer simultaneous translation services for meetings, conferences and seminars; translation services for written materials; translation and cultural analysis of foreign media and intelligence materials; and translators for personnel training for military/diplomatic service overseas.

Our language professional are also Subject-Matter Experts (SME) of the countries where the languages are spoken. We can teach government officials such subtleties as the protocol for negotiations in Asia, or the requirements for treaty compliance in Africa. We know the difference between Iran and Iraq, and understand the culture and history of a place because our personnel are native born, recent expatriates of those countries, and they have maintained close contacts with their country of origin. They understand better than any foreign analyst what is the mood of their country, and how best to achieve a specific goal in that environment.

Translation is more than just a replacement of vocabulary; it requires sensitivity to content and meaning. ATP2 will not just tell you what a person said - we will tell you the meaning, inference as well as the intended message of the person speaking – by reading between the lines in a cultural context.

ATP2 offers complete training in translation and administrative support to personnel for assignments overseas. Upon request, we can develop pre-deployment training and orientation programs, along with the option of ATP2 personnel joining your team in support of overseas operations – being a part of the diplomatic mission, or embedded with the service personnel, for the duration of the tour of duty. Our “commitment to client’s mission” is more than just words. We stand besides our client if necessary to get the job done, and we have done this successfully in the Caribbean, the Balkans, Europe, and Africa. If the mission is diplomatic in nature, our personnel have served with distinction in support of highly sensitive negotiations and missions, and have been key elements in contributing to great successes over the last two plus decades. And we stand ready to continue this tradition of providing successful global mission support in the decades to come.


ATP2 has a proven track record of recruiting the most professional cultural experts in the world, and delivering that expertise to our military, diplomatic, and civilian clients in a timely and efficient manner. These Subject-Matter Experts (SME) did not develop this knowledge by simply reading books but through first-hand experience. Our SME’s are native-born expatriates from more than 43 countries, which provides our clients access to local/regional/national knowledge of politics, religion, regional sensitivities, government policies, economic trends as well as the “mood of the people” that is current, comprehensive and accurate.

For example, one of our experts is a former senior officer of the constabulary in Pakistan with extensive knowledge on police procedures. Another individual is someone who has lived along the Turkish/Syrian/Iraqi border all of his life, and is and expert on Kurdish political relations in Turkey.

Our commitment to acquiring the most pertinent and timely resources is proof to our determination in providing our clients with the most accurate, most reliable, most useful intelligence for a region or country of their choosing.


Logistics is the art of delivering what is needed, to where it is needed – no excuses allowed - and ATP2 can provide logistics support to anywhere in the world. We recognize that this is an extremely bold statement, but we have the experience personnel at hand whose past performance almost makes that an understatement.

And because we maintain an alliance of strategic partners in major countries that covers five continents, it gives us a logistics capability and secure supply chain that can reach anywhere in the world. This confidence is also based upon a proven track record of providing safe and on-time delivery of essential goods and services for our clients.

Goods and materials entrusted to us do not sit in warehouses, or wait on ships to get lost in traffic. They are delivered on-time, without exception because we have the technology to track goods and materials from point to origin to final destination.