Support Services

Mail Room Operation Services


ATP2 provides operational staff with diverse skill sets to carry-out mail room support activities within a client's facilities in both classified and unclassified mail processing.

Mail room support services includes receiving of mail on a daily basis from USPS, FedEx, UPS and other mail carriers at a client’s mail processing facility as well internal mail from on-site or off-site units.

All mail is processed by personnel using predefined procedures, systems and hardware components depending on the type of parcel received as well as the from whom the mail is addressed.

Processing of mail is carried out by fully trained personnel and is done so in accordance with SOPs for activities that can include: sorting, batching, routing, pick-up and delivery, and preparation/scanning of documents. This processing of each piece of mail is done in compliance with the Performance Work Statement (PWS) that is developed in accordance with the customer’s needs.