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Training Services


ATP2 personnel have been actively engaged in training and education programs for decades. Our staff members have served on the academic and administrative faculty for some of America’s most premiere institutions of higher learning, and ATP2 has benefited from our involvement with educational programs that are focused on career development for mid-level and senior-level government service personnel.

Our knowledge and experience with military as well as civilian government programs enables us to offer training and education for individuals looking for promotion and/or advancement, and readies them to be more efficient in their jobs by providing them with a sense of excellence in leadership, personnel management, procurement and finance. These programs can be as specific as a particular new requirement, and as broad as an orientation course.

Our heritage of military service also enhances our ability to organize, lead and manage military training programs dedicated to mission readiness and safety. We can supplement training programs to offer competencies in specific tactics, operations and systems. As our military has now been given the task of nation-building and reconstruction, ATP2 personnel have been heavily engaged over the last decade in developing and operating mission readiness exercises to prepare our soldiers, sailors and air force personnel for their assignments in Cuba, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. We offer training programs that teach survival and success in Civilians on the Battlefield (COB) environments.

Role-Play: Civilians on the Battlefield (COB)

Civilians on the Battlefield (COB) is an often-used expression these days for a specific type of military training. Armed conflict is no longer confined to fields restricted to uniformed combatants. The theater of operations includes civilian populated areas and the enemy could be anywhere, anyone. And yet today’s war fighters cannot be trigger happy and ignore the wider consequences of any incident. They must be diplomats, peacemakers, instant-analysts of personality types and patters of behavior. They must understand everyone they see. And to develop those skills, the military now trains with civilian Role Players – persons who act out specific scenarios and interact with troops in friendly and unfriendly ways to test their patience, skills and judgment.

ATP2 personnel have recruited, managed and trained thousands of civilian role players in the context of a post 9-11 world. Troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere overseas in places like Bosnia, Kosovo, and the Middle East have benefited immensely from interacting with ATP2 lead COB teams in the last several years. We have populated mock villages, staged events, engaged in situational awareness and force–on-force training exercises, and given the military an authentic experience of what the expect on their overseas tour. We have saved lives.

Mobile Training Scenarios

The training we offer is portable, global and site specific. (We will not teach people headed for Iraq “how it’s done” in Arizona. We do not “follow the book”; we re-write the book for every situation.)

We offer script writing services in order to provide realistic training scenarios, and to setup the proper environment needed in real-time that is responsive to the action of the training unit.

Our classrooms can be located anywhere around the world. With our military training programs, we go to where the service personnel are, we train on-site to minimize or eliminate travel time and in surroundings that replicate as much as possible the cultural and physical environments in which they will serve. We can be on-site and ready to initiate training within 72 hours – depending on the type of training required by the client.

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The training programs we offer are specifically tailored to the requirements of our clients. We engage and study the challenges facing our clients, and we develop solutions and systems that develop the skills necessary for success. Through the proper monitoring of performance and achievement, we are able to deliver the best results to our clients.